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Our concept of an Advanced Logistics Partner is based on our perception of a market demand for the management of long-term manufacturing projects which require a precise control of supplies and delivery timing. Errors in requirement forecasting, or failure to have components available at the precise moment they are required by the production plan, translate into project delays and consequent economic losses.

At Pambia Aerospace, our management experience and our collaboration as advisors and providers on many projects in the aerospace and military spheres have highlighted the need to go beyond the simple concept of logistics as it is usually understood. For this reason, our business mission is to develop a modern, efficient model of service management in which agility, flexibility and rapidity of response allow us to achieve full client satisfaction. Only in this way can we offer an integrated service covering all phases, from product identification to delivery at the precise moment required by production.

  • Advice on correct reference selection;
  • Rapid location of available components at the best possible purchase price;
  • Assurance of full availability of stock, reserved exclusively for the client, and supplied according to the agreed delivery plan.

These services allow the client to avoid having a significant quantity of in-process inventory sitting inactive, thus reducing costs and generating high added value for our service, as recognized by all our clients.